Oct 21 2014

Not Even Remotely Hungry Right Now

But this triggered the contradiction in which we are entangled: Renzi has certainly not responsible for the disaster called Second Republic, and does well to be wary of the ruling class (as well as the political class) that produced it. But at the same time show obvious limitations in addressing the problems of the country, or rather in translating into acts of government – that are not only the laws passed – the good and brave intentions that cleverly showcases. Moreover, the choice of relying on his undoubted ability of media to have a direct relationship with the citizens-voters jumping relationships with any representation of interests – model “Marchioness + Berlusconi” – and the strategy of “all enemies, except the people” who adopted, mean that slides easily into populism, which does not help to deal with the right amplitude programmatic the intricate knots of the decline in Panasonic super zoom.

Conversely, those who impute to Renzi “talk and do not do” or to be capable only of “scrap and build”, although not a few arrows to his bow, in the vast majority of cases has no credibility, having contributed directly and meaningful to the disaster. Besides, who intends to Renzi in the dock does not have a shred of idea of how to replace it – neither men nor policies to the challenge – and does not want to come to terms with the fact that Italians do not want to go back, right or wrong that is.


Here, it is this “cat chasing its tail,” the problem of power, political and otherwise, in Italy today. Get out of it is not easy. But the safe way to do this is not to pretend that things are otherwise.

Panasonic Lumix 16.1 never believed in the great conspiracy, let alone believe now that the powers – all, from the political and institutional ones financial and finish with the media – far from being “strong,” as you insist on defining them, are very weak, indeed dramatically shattered. Ergo, we do not believe that there is a group of power, and not a single “grand old man”, who is organizing in Italy who knows what plots, as would believe – thanks to a timeline that actually leads to the suspicion – the conjunction between the Recent judicial investigations (Enid), the brutal showdown on the top floors of what remains of capitalism italics and the sudden change of mood of some media on Renzi and his government. But, putting aside the shadow of the conspiracy, it remains necessary to analyze why certain events, and their interrelationships.

Oct 17 2014

Day in the Life of a Skater

On a regular day the skater will wake up around noon. He will not make the bed or clean the room. There is usually a pile of laundry waiting to be washed and will not get done until the skaters mother comes to do so. The skater is a very unhealthy being. They usually skip breakfast and if they do eat they will usually have left over pizza. The skater will usually hang around the house for an hour or two watching tv or wasting time in whatever way possible.

Once the skater usually leaves the house they will smoke a cigarette. While riding the skateboard into town. The skater has a natural disposition to be as disrespectful as possible so they will be skating in the middle of the street so that both directions of traffic will be disrupted. The skater will usually look for adio shoes for sale and then peruse other stores never walking anywhere as the skateboard is the only way they know how to travel. They will take long breaks from time to time in between skating usually sitting on ledges and stair cases directly in other people’s way.

All skaters meet up on Sundays to worship their vans skater shoes as that is all important to their culture. The skater will usually meet up with groups of people to learn new skate techniques and talk about the importance of their life journey to brink their skateboard to the afterlife.  Skaters believe that after life is over in this world they go to a skate park to spend eternity. They believe this skate park to be the best skate imaginable. Therefore every day the priority is to skate to the best of their ability so that when they get to the afterlife skate, they will be excellent skaters.